Keith Hirsch - Owner / Lead Photographer


About the business

Right off the bat I want you to know Im not a huge national brand focused on expanding into new markets. Scrambling to snatch-up anyone with a camera, brand them a professional, and send them out to shoot your listings.

Quite the contrary, I started this company on my own with the trust of 6 realtors. Over the past 2 years I have done zero advertising for my business. No inbox numbing email campaigns to talk about myself and my services. No crazy discounts to new customers to lure them in the door while my loyal clients pay full price. Instead I have focused solely on improving the quality and consistency of my products while servicing the needs of my loyal clients. 

Last month (September 2018) my client roster has surpassed the 100 mark. A month later and I’m still pinching myself. The past two years have been filled with many challenges that I have had to overcome through hard work, patience, and discipline. Navigating the logistical challenges that come from servicing this growing number of clients while still maintaining quality has been the catalyst for many late nights. 

Over the last several months there have been many changes, most unseen, geared towards fulfilling a personal goal to help others in my line of work grow. I have slowly been building a team that will remain small so it can be effective and limber. A team that includes a second photographer, video editor, photo editor, and an administrative assistant. 

I have spend countless hours working with my editors to get them up to speed and delivering the same level of quality that built this business. On many occasions I would edit my shoots even while paying my editors to do the same work just to ensure that no matter what, you the client would get your excellent work on time. The editing team is strong and proven now which frees me up to begin recruiting only the best photographers in the business. Veteran photographers who I consider peers capable of offering the same level of experience and excellence that my clients are accustomed to.