New Client Portal

As an added value we offer our agents an online portal with a host of features all designed to help make your marketing more efficient. Access to this portal and all of its tools are included free of charge :) Below are just a few of this system’s useful features.


Place and schedule orders

You can now see your photographer’s availability and place your orders all from your computer or device! Gone are the days of needing to call in to confirm availability before placing an order. You can even reschedule shoots directly from the system, simply go into the project details and make the date change. Our team will be notified of the change.

ClientCenter-VariousTools-700x400 (1) copy.jpg

access and customize media

With the simplicity of drag-and-drop features you can easily rearrange and organize your photos and how they appear in your free single property website. You can select images to hide, as well as choose the image that is displayed as the header image on your page! Choose to download all of your images in both print and web sizes, or select specific images to download. Everything has been designed from the ground up to be super intuitive and easy to use.

 Click to see example

Click to see example

branded and unbranded web pages

All of your orders will include highly responsive single property website optimized for use on all devices from phones to desktops. You have total control to customize your property description, decide whether to lead your website with video or photos, Include an integrated map showcasing surrounding points of interest, and capture leads!

In addition you can track analytics and web page performance so see how much activity you are pulling to the site. You can also create reports to show activity during a custom date range and email it directly to your clients so they know how hard you are working to market their property.


HD flyer builder

Built right in to this system is an easy to use drag and drop flyer builder. You can customize the property description of your flyer without affecting the description used on your single property website! Images are automatically resized in the proper dimensions so nothing will appear stretched or distorted. Choose from a selection of predesigned templates and generate a high resolution PDF to print or email!