Premium Multi-Flash vs. Fusion


Fusion’s Limitations

1. Color Casts: You’ll notice on the wainscoting, trim, and ceiling there are range of colors contaminating the true color here. Daylight coming from the windows is blue and you can see that cast on the stairs. On the ceiling in the office you can see sunlight bouncing off the green grass and reflecting green onto the ceiling. You will also notice a difference in the wood tones on the stair railing compared to Premium Multi-Flash process.

2. Blown Out Windows: While Fusion photos can help retain detail in windows, the view is usually hazy, or blown out. Capturing a vivid view through a window is challenging and requires extra lighting and a good bit of photo shop to sell the view

The fusion photo process is great for lower budget listings.


Premium Multi-Flash Composite

If crisp, clean, accurate images that are balanced throughout the frame are important to you, then this is the way to go hands down. The photographer literally walks throughout the frame popping flashes in each visible space, then composites all the images in photoshop to create these stunning sales tools.


It all started when…

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