True Twilight Photography

Our twilight process is a high end commercially sold product that we now offer to our agents. This is not your basic twilight where a photographer walks around at night taking single frame photos in the dark and calling them twilight images. We begin 30 minutes before sunset scouting and setting up for the money shot. Once the spot is chosen and the camera is set up we begin taking a series of exposures as the sun sets in order to capture the most color in the skies. Once the sun is gone we walk and hand light various parts of the property in order to highlight landscaping, architecture and furniture. When we are finished we will have taken between 30 - 50 frames that will all be hand blended to create one truly stunning, high quality, impactful image.


How it was shot

There were over 40 total frames used to make the final image! This frame was used to light up the area between the two main gables


This frame was used to push light through the frame towards the camera in order to maintain an accurate direction of light.

4-3700 Schooner Ridge Alpharetta GA 30005-Twilight.jpg

A pop of light to highlight the waterfall feature

3-3700 Schooner Ridge Alpharetta GA 30005-Twilight.jpg

And another to light up part of the foreground


The final image consisted of over 40 custom lit frames


Other Examples